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Grass is at the Root of What We Do—in More Ways Than One

As the Las Vegas chapter of the oldest marijuana advocacy non-profit in the country, Las Vegas NORML was founded on grassroots organization—and the support of our community is fundamental to everything that we do.

From running public meetings and hosting community panels, to working with other nonprofits and patient advocates to sponsor community events, Las Vegas NORML is passionate about getting into the community and giving back.

By connecting entrepreneurs, advocates, legislators, and industry leaders to the communities they serve, Las Vegas NORML is excited to facilitate progressive and informative conversations about cannabis regulation in our state and the greater conversations begins held in Washington DC.

We believe that cannabis consumers and medical marijuana patients are assets to society; it is through our outreach endeavors that we are able to give a voice to responsible cannabis consumers, medical cannabis patients, and the victims of the Drug War.

Take a Seat at the Table with Las Vegas NORML

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